David Fuller (aka Strange/David) is proud to announce the publication of his first novel,
On the Devil's Payroll. See below for more information!

On the Devil's Payroll

by David K. Fuller

434 pages; Perfect bound; catalogue #04-1517; ISBN 1-4120-3689-5; US$33.00, C$37.00, EUR27.00, 19.00

Attorney Grace McKenzie is in for the fight of her life. Nothing is what it seems. No one is telling the truth.
And her enemy is on the devil's payroll.

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About the Book

After a devastating loss in court, novice defense attorney Grace McKenzie is handed a slam dunk plea bargain homicide case with a famous crime novelist as her client... but when he claims that he was framed by a powerful businessman, Grace is forced to decide whether to trust her instincts or protect her career.

With her confidence shaken and her marriage strained, she is thrust into a complex web of cover-ups and half truths that attract the attention of her brother, a religious, chainsmoking computer hacker with secrets of his own.

Enemies become allies and allies become deadly enemies until Grace is fighting not only for justice... but for her life.

About the Author

David K. Fuller lives near Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife, Ann; his dog, Chelle; and his cats, Bandit and Rodeo. Trained in theater and improvisation, he performs with ComedySportz Indianapolis on weekends. On the Devil's Payroll is his first novel.


To order a copy of On the Devil's Payroll, you may:

1. Order directly through David Fuller
     Send a check or money order for US$25.00 to:
           David K. Fuller
           71 S West St
           Bargersville, IN 46106

     Books will take slightly longer to arrive, but each copy will be autographed
      and it costs less than ordering from the publisher.
      At this time, I cannot accept payment in other currencies.

2. Order through Trafford Publishing
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     The cover price is $33.00, plus you will pay shipping & handling fees, but the book will arrive sooner.

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